Gallery of our Commercial Projects

We perform demolition for residential, commercial and municipalities including office buildings, apartment complexes and more.

Most recently our strong reputation has led us to preforming Demolition, Mitigation and Remediation of the Asarco Globeville Site located in Denver, which is one of the largest smelters in North America. This proposed 77- Acre Superfund Site project consisted of demolishing most of the 39 buildings on-site, including the historic smokestack, removal of various underground structures, soil remediation & the In-situ ground water treatment process that included the installation of injection trenches, mapping the contamination in a 50-foot-by-50- foot gird pattern and excavating to depths that typically terminated at bedrock or the water table. We then applied reagents into the soils that contained various acids, Arsenic and Cadmium to neutralize the effects of these leachable heavy metals.