Who we are


Backhoe Services is set apart by our unique methodology. Our philosophy is demolition is not just demolition, it is truly deconstruction. We understand that in an era of diminishing landfill capacities and increased environmental awareness in conjunction with increased cost, exploiting diversion rates is a critical component. Our methodology creates an environment where deconstruction becomes economically competitive with demolition.


A comparative cost analysis is developed by systematically analyzing project resources. Our analysis identifies and compares cost to potential revenue. This practice identifies recyclables and reusables, allowing us to deposit the least amount of residual materials to landfills and lowering the overall cost to our clients.


Deconstruction is an effective means for reducing demolition debris, reducing project cost and maximizing diversion rates. Salvaging materials for re-use and recycling not only benefits our clients it benefits the World.


David Ramsdale acquired Backhoe Services in 1997, at that time the company was focused on sales and rentals of high end construction and demolition equipment.  With his expertise in the industry David grew the business into the premier demolition & environment friendly deconstruction company in the rocky mountain west.


As a family owned business David is very proud of the team he has built, the tenure they have, along with the Colorado families and businesses his company helps to support.  As you see in the photo of David touring the inside of a Titan 1 Missile site, he is hands on with the business.



We are a leading expert in the demolition and mitigation of decommissioned military installations across the country.


Since 1997 we have been a leader in road & bridge demolition and deconstruction, we take great pride in maintaining the highest of standards. Clients include CDOT, WYDOT and UDOT.


We perform demolition for residential, commercial and municipalities including office buildings, apartment complexes and more.